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Consultancy Case Studies

The following are examples of past consultancy case studies that we have successfully completed:

Health Authority

Undertook an overview of management procedures, communications and systems between the different departments. Established committee and managerial lines of communication, and a blueprint for future operation and management communication between departments.

PLC Company - Automotive Systems

Participated in the formulation of a new management structure after the break-up of the Parent Group through a merger with an American company. Worked closely with the Financial Director in streamlining overheads, and focusing key team members in defining targets and budgets, tying them to workable reporting systems.

International PLC Company - Electric Motors and Drives

Completed a thorough overview of the Sales and Marketing department, which included the design of new reporting procedures and practices. Carried out complete evaluation of the performance and abilities of each member of the team within the department, which led to the removal and replacement of a number of key management and staff. Recruited new key members and formulated sales and marketing strategy with key controls and meaningful targets.

PLC Company - Leading Software Products and Training

Full evaluation of team and management skills, followed by the production of a series of eight workshops with subsequent on-site reporting and evaluation. Client and project objective to increase market share and raise profit margin.

Electronic Power Supply Manufacturer

Strategy review of company infrastructure and reporting systems, including departmental budgets and overhead reduction.

Lisbon-based Edible Oil Refiner and Manufacturer

Production of a full prospectus and company overview for a number of financial institutions prior to evaluation for funding and expansion.

Health Authority Trust

Sub-contracted to a medium sized change management consultancy to implement the final stages of a twelve month care orientated project. Reporting to the main board of the Trust on the issues and progress of a full roll-out programme covering two large hospital sites.

Leading British and European Refrigeration Manufacturer

Ran a team of consultants co-operating with the main board and the subsidiary companies of the parent group, in negotiating with a number of other suitable parties for a merger. This was to facilitate a recent acquisition that had allowed the company concerned to double its turnover to a level exceeding £70,000,000 per annum. Since our contract has been completed, the company has been acquired by a quoted PLC Group.

Philippines based National Oil Company

Sub-contracted by a leading re-engineering consultancy to carry out a two week analytical project looking at possible bottom line profit improvement. Produced a full presentation outlining management and production initiatives which needed to be targeted for future action.

Philippines based Chemical Company

Sub-contracted by a leading re-engineering consultancy to produce an outline presentation to the American and local company board on future sales and marketing strategies.

Leading Coach and Bus Manufacturer

Sub-contracted by a leading re-engineering consultancy to analyse production and management roles and to specifically identify bottom line profit savings prior to the appointment of a full consultancy team to address profit related issues.

Regional Bus and Coach Operator

Sub-contracted by a leading re-engineering consultancy to analyse production and management roles, and to specifically identify bottom line profit savings prior to the appointment of a full consultancy team to address profit related issues.

UK and Slovenian based Manufacturing Company

Appointed by UK based client to evaluate on the purchase of a UK distribution organisation. This incorporated not only assessing the prospects of the main UK Company but also the capabilities and stability of the Slovenian based manufacturer/supplier.

Consulting Skills

Sales Planning and Marketing Strategy - Strategy Design and Implementation - Team Training and Team Building - Hands-on Change Management - Operational Overview - Team and Individual Motivation - Communication and General Analytical skills.

Consulting Operational Areas and Sectors

Retail - Manufacturing - Engineering (Light and Heavy) - Electronics - Construction (Building and Engineering) - Petrochemical - Agrochemical - Plastics - Automotive - Distribution - Health Service - Banking.



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